NCRP International

Thank you NCRP International

TeYlos would like to thank Mr. Réal Paquin, President of NCRP International, for availing our web solutions and social media management services. It has been a great experience together with NCRP to have their website built with passion, care, and cooperation. NCRP International is one of the premier business consultants & negotiators in the country,

More Design Trends

Information by image, computer graphics, data visualization and video: Information is communicated today in the most minimalist and understandable way possible to attract the attention of the reader. It is the custom to say “too much information, kill information”, the trend is now for clarification. The slideout, reduced menu: We recommend use a menu commonly

Some of the Design Trends

This determined a web development with customized design, adapted or need the information given by the client and adapted to new web trends. Distinctive elements of the web: Flat design and minimalist style persist: Flat design corresponds to the requirements of lightness, speed, simplification, readability, accessibility, mobility linked to the web of today. Smoothed sites,