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TeYlos offers the development of  Web pages and mobile Applications, aimed at SMEs, and retail. We created solutions easy to use, faster and attractive, to make your business more profitable and competitive. We work to ensure stable, high-performance and solutions scalable in a time. Our clients make part of our team during all the lifecycle of the development.

Meet our

Core Team

Experts in software development, management and start up of projects. With more than 10 years experience in web solution, technical support, design, and business administration.

  • Yoena Dominguez

    More than 10 years of experience in project management and development, working in business and web applications. Strong communication skills and teams working showing good capacity for analysis, planning, and organization, with the ability to recognize a business opportunity and successfully integrate the computer language and business. French, English, and Spanish.
  • Olivia Escartin

    A brand identity expert with over 14 years of experience in the creative and marketing industry. Specializes in both print and digital publishing with strong background in design, multi-media production and digital marketing. Great team player, highly innovative and committed in delivering best results. English, Filipino, Chinese, Spanish
  • Tania Perez

    More than 5 years of experience in software development, especially in web and mobile applications. Experiencie in technical support to users and network administration. Innovate skills and teams working. Good communication. Capacities for the analysis and compression. French, English and Spanish
  • Nayvis Diaz

    More than 15 years of experience in Human Resources and Business Administration with strong computer skills, wide experience of management, ability to lead a team to solve unforeseen situations and create a good working environment to get the best results. French, English and Spanish
We deliver


All our Solution represent the design, analysis, implementation, development, deployment, consultancy, business management, webmaster, and support like an integral solution of our company.

TeYlos Web Development

In TeYlos we use the modern trends of web development to give your business greater visibility, positioning and solution adapted to your needs.

TeYlos Web Master

Webmaster In TeYlos, we provide web hosting services, domains, security certificates, positioning and maintenance of all our solutions. Support In TeYlos we add value to our solutions with a support service and technical advisors offered during all the lifecycle from the analysis of the needs of the development to the configuration and the installation of the product.

TeYlos Mobile

In TeYlos we put at disposal the means and the knowledge so that your business is impulse with the creation of contents and corporative Apps, accessible from the devices Smartphones and Tablets.

TeYlos Business Ad 2

Business Management In TeYlos we automatize and improve the management of your company as an alternative to your activity and objectives. We have a team of specialized business management.

TeYlos Design

TeYlos can create stunning designs for corporate identity, marketing collaterals and web design that matches our client’s needs.


Customized Solutions

  • All Inclusive

    Simple, intuitive and powerful, get results with an all-inclusive e-commerce solution.

  • Optimized referencing & SEO

    Find your online store at the best position of Google results with automated tools to propel you into first place.

  • Easy to Manage

    Designed for beginners but strong enough for computer masters.

  • Social Networks

    Share your products with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, etc. And increase the visibility of your brand on social networks.

  • Newsletters

    Easily send marketing emails to your subscribers via our powerful emailing solutions.

  • Blog & Website

    Easily add a blog, articles or web pages to your online store.

  • Your oun Domain name

    Use your custom domain name to get the best ranking on the search engines. Being safe  in our hosting with resources assigned to your needs.

  • Customizable Desing

    Enjoy a completely personalized website with the attractive and exciting design.

  • High Speed and Extra Optimized

    Quality and valid code and minification are the key things making the website work with high and stable performance.

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We deliver complete web solutions.

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    Kalipayan Travel

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    My Art Experience

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    St Marc Montreal

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    Market Social

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