An Awesome Pricing Table Plugin built for Woocommerce by TeYlos

This plugin is FEU (Free, Easy to use, Unique in the market). Available in wordpress site official

TeYlos Pricing Table Woocommerce lets you select the woocommerce product you want to sell as a subscription or membership plan.

TeYlos Pricing Table Woocommerce is a plugin that allows woocommerce products to be displayed in the frontend as pricing table.
This plugin is directly connected to the woocommerce product, there is no pricing plugin for variable products with different options.
This allows directly selecting the product to be sold.



                                                                                     How to use the plugin?

                     Simple, just select with checkbox what are the products you want to sell as plans on your website


           And then, go in the Dahsboard to TeYlos Plugins-TeYlos Pricing Table Woocommerce, like in the image

You can select the color, the order to show in the frontend. This generated a shortcode that you must copy and paste to any post or page and show the magic!