Why your business needs a website

For every entrepreneur or businessman who asks this question, we’ll start off by giving the answer “Yes, you do need a website”.
Why? It’s part of your marketing collateral bundle.
It’s just like when you set up a new business, everybody needs to have a business card, brochure, and even a letterhead to give the best impression and a form of marketing and promotion.
Your 24/7 partner
With the unstoppable growth of mobile users and the increase in internet coverage, having a website becomes your 24/7 online awareness tool, you can work a little less and do more with you business operations.
Online Presence and Brand Awareness
All in all, your business is your brand that needs nurturing and a lot of consistent visibility across the internet and other media. Your web is a 24/7 advertising billboard. Nowadays when you meet someone and when you start to introduce your website, most of the time their first statement is, ” do you have a website?” or ” Can I see your website?” And it’s much better to leave a very good impression on your first talk.
You Can say Almost Anything you Want in your website
Why? Because you own it. Social media is controlled by other companies with many restrictions, but your own website… you’re in charge.
The Best Part of Having A Website
When you start getting inquiries, messages, and walk-ins because of your website – you would thank yourself for having one. The cost of having a website is nothing compared to when you start getting calls and hot leads for your business.