Some of the Design Trends

This determined a web development with customized design, adapted or need the information given by the client and adapted to new web trends. Distinctive elements of the web:

  • Flat design and minimalist style persist: Flat design corresponds to the requirements of lightness, speed, simplification, readability, accessibility, mobility linked to the web of today. Smoothed sites, with a graphic charter that leaves plenty of room for texts and visual elements.
  • HD video and photographic elements: Today, high-resolution images and video in high resolution will capture the attention of the user. For that, we recommend to use a slide video design photos gallery.
  • Small loop images: This type of image and animation to show the content bring a dynamic or humorous note that makes it more eye-catching.
  • The story telling: The new design interface will have to seduce the user by telling him a story. Sites can now trace a linear and interactive story. By scrolling, the user scrolls graphic elements and participates in the evolution of the story. The most is to create an action that forces the surfer to include himself in the animation to grab his attention. That’s why we recommend a design using scroll, and telling a story of the company chronologically, as well as using animations to show the content and interact with the user.
    • A few facts:
    • On the internet, 100 million people watch at least one video per day.
    • Users of a website have a 64% more chance of making a purchase after watching a video.
    • 80% of users remember seeing an ad in a video 30 days later.
    • 92% of video viewers on mobile devices share content with other users.
    • Humans process a visual element 60,000 times faster than if we read the same idea in a text.
  • Responsive design: Provides a better user experience for Internet users and mobile users. Indeed, the notions of user interface and user experience are at the center of the design approach. The multiplication of devices, formats and resolutions requires adapting to the user.